*Re-Entry Right Track is a unique program developed to assist nonviolent ex-offenders as they transition back into the academic community and workforce.  Students are welcomed by a committed, caring, qualified staff.  Individualized Service Plans (ISPs) are taylored to meet the participant's academic and vocational needs / goals. The curriculum bundles classes and services that help students improve their academic functioning level, acquire basic knowledge and skills needed to obtain meaningful employment, modify behavior, prepare students to take the GED Examination, Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), and Career Readiness Certification (CRC) Test. An academic records release form will be requested so that all existing ABE / GED records can be ascertained to assist in academic evaluation and placement.  Advanced students will be administered an Official Practice Test (OPT).  All students will be offered an opportunity to receive Career Pathways instruction.

*GED / *ABE:
Students enrolled into Monet's GED / ABE Preparation classes will be assessed to determine appropriate placement.  Students will be taught strategies in preparation for testing, receive practice exercises, practice tests, and mentoring. Participants who qualify to take the Official Examination will be referred to an Official GED Registration Office for processing.

*Adult IEP / ISP / Special Needs:
Monet's Adult Individualized Education Plan / Special Needs curriculum is designed to meet the growing academic, employment, and personal growth challenges faced by adults with learning and / or physical disabilities. Monet's staff includes a clinical psychologist with special education, behavior modification, and anger management expertise; experienced (ABE, Pre-GED, GED-Regular, GED Fast-Track) adult educators, and two certified ACT WorkKeys Test Supervisors. Classes are small and intimate, with a maximum 8:1 student to teacher ratio. Adult learners with an IEP/ISP - Special Needs, High School Counselors, and Agencies are encouraged to contact Monet's Adult Learning Center @ (757) 236-3613 for more detailed information regarding assessment, enrollment, registration fee, and tuition cost. MALC is an approved Workforce Development vendor, and is seeking to establish partnerships with Medicaid service providers.

*Career Pathways:
Students participating in MALC's Career Pathways classes and activities will: learn basic computer skills, learn how to write resumes and cover letters, complete career interest surveys, fill-out job applications, learn effective interview skills, and search the web for career information and employment opportunities. Prior to program completion, student will be required to write a career interest essay, and visit a local career interest service / academic provider. Participants are instructed using state of the art teaching methods, computers, and learning materials.

*Supervised Independent Study:
Monet is actively seeking Official GED test takers who did not pass the exam and need 150 points or less to pass.  These test takers will be given an opportunity to enroll into Monet’s Supervised Independent Study. Applicants who are approved to participate will be taught test taking strategies, receive practice exercises, practice tests, and mentoring. Qualified applicants who are employed will be provided an opportunity to receive these services during hours more conducive to their work schedule.

*GED "Golden Opportunity" :
Time / Campus Location: TBA

Note:*Applicant must be Pre-Approved by Monet's Adult Learning Center to participate.

  Re-Entry RIGHT TRACK Program
  Classes:   *Adult Basic Education (ABE)  *GED Preparation  *Career Pathways 
  Locations: C. Waldo Scott Center, 3100 Wickham Ave., Newport News, VA
                    Urban League, 1300 Thomas Street, Hampton, VA
  Time: 10:00am to 12:00noon / 6:00pm to 8:00pm
  Sponsor Required. Registration Fee Required. Tuition Fee Required.
  For detailed information call: (757) 236-3613